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[pou-er] [dahy-ler] | noun

  1. A computerized system that will dial leads for you.
  2. A tool used by top agents to dial more leads in less time to help them list more properties.

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Save Time

Contact more leads in less time. By using the Landvoice single-line dialer, you can dial up to 80 calls per hour. Upgrade to the 4-line dialer to call more than 300 leads each hour.

Answer Detection

The Landvoice dialer allows you to quickly move from one call to the next. Instantly leave pre-recorded messages with a simple click. Avoid busy signals, disconnected phone numbers, and unanswered calls.

Stay Organized

Call the right people at the right time with the built-in lead management tools. Access customer history and notes. Keep track of your effectiveness with system analytics and reports.

Integrated System

Your new Landvoice expired, FSBO, and pre-foreclosure leads are automatically pushed into the dialer. Have other leads you want to call? Simply import a CSV file.


Dialer – 1 Line

The Landvoice Dialer will call up to 80 calls per hour, much faster than your fingers are capable of dialing. If you are new to using a dialer, we suggest you start with the single line. The single line dialer costs $100/month. Cancel at any time.

Power Dialer – Up to 4 Lines

The Power Dialer will allow you to dial up to 4 numbers at once! You can also record and review your calls for training and improvement purposes. The Power Dialer costs $120/month. Cancel at any time.

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