talk to more people in less time

landvoice power dialer

$100 MONTH - 1 Line

$120 MONTH - 4 Line

Use the Landvoice Dialer to increase your contact rates by up to 300%. The Landvoice Dialer allows you to speak to significantly more people in less time so you can close more transactions. Save time with the built-in answer detection technology that avoids busy signals, unanswered calls, and disconnected phone numbers. You can instantly leave messages on answering machines with the click of a button and move on to live calls quickly. Your calling campaigns will be more effective than ever.

Subscribe to the single-line Dialer and dial up to 80 calls per hour. Use our Power Dialer to call up to four lines at a time and dial more than 325 calls per hour. The easy-to-use Dialer interface integrates with your Landvoice leads with our built-in lead manager. Our cloud-based platform means there is no software to download. All you need is a computer (Mac or PC), an internet connection and any phone. Simply log in and begin dialing leads.

Subscribe today to receive:

• Time Zone Protection and Call Abandonment Meter for FTC Compliance

• Dialer integration with your Landvoice leads or import your own lists

• Pre-recorded messages to automate voice messaging

• CRM tools, customer history, notes, and system analytics

• Reports, statistics and alerts in real time

• Easy call set-up to enable using a landline, cell phone, or VoIP

• Dialer tools to set your Caller ID, transfer or record calls, and avoid answering machines