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[ohld] [ik-spahyuh r d]  | noun

  1. A listing that expired years ago and never re-listed.
  2. A homeowner that probably doesn’t know the current value of their home and is a perfect candidate to sell today.


Discounts Available!

Targeted Area & Year

Landvoice provides old expired leads by year & zip code combination, such as 2012 & 84058. This allows you to target a specific year and area with a large amount of expireds. Most agents target years with high inventory, such as 2010 – 2013.

Scrubbed & Filtered

Landvoice does all the heavy lifting. We scrub & filter out any homes that are currently active or were eventually sold or foreclosed, then provide you with contact information, including cell phones.

Exclusive Access

Landvoice Old Expireds are sold on an exclusive basis. You are guaranteed to be the only agent to receive those leads from Landvoice for an entire year. After the year is over, you get 1st priority if you want to keep them.

Guaranteed Leads

Each year & zip code combination is guaranteed to have at least 50 old expired leads after we filter them. If we can’t find enough, we’ll scrub another year & zip code combination until you have 50 old expired leads.


Old Expireds are sold by year & zip code combination. Each Old Expired purchased includes the following:

  • Scrub and filter all expired leads to remove any listings that are currently active or eventually sold or foreclosed.
  • Process leads through Expired Pro to find up to 95% of the phone numbers
  • At least 50 leads per year & zip code combination
  • Exclusive access for a full year

$250 Each. Special Offer: Buy 2 Yr/Zip combinations and get 1 free!

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