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Old Expireds are your solution to low inventory. Landvoice uses patent-pending filtering technology to provide exclusive old expired leads. We save your time by eliminating foreclosures, solds, actives, and other unnecessary data. Landvoice finds homeowners who gave up on the market in the last five years. All Old Expired leads are processed through our Expired Pro database to obtain hard-to-find owner information, including cell phone numbers.

The Landvoice system is cloud-based so you can work anywhere, any time, on any device. Be the most efficient and effective agent in your office with our built-in productivity tools to manage, sort, search, tag, create notes, cross out numbers, export, mail merge, see street views, and more. Our state-of-the-art technology lets you spend your time listing and selling homes instead of hunting for leads.

Subscribe today to receive:

• Exclusive access for a full year to old expired leads for your zip code and year

​• Patent-pending filtering and scrubbing technology eliminates foreclosures, solds, actives, etc. 

• Access to your leads on the cloud from any device including Mac, PC, tablet, and smart phone

• Notification of phone numbers on the DNC Registry

• Daily status updates when subscribed to our Expired Lead service

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