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[ik-spahyuh rd]  | noun

  1. A homeowner who tried to sell their home with an agent and failed.
  2. A homeowner who is frustrated their home didn’t sell with another agent and wants an agent that will do what it takes to get their home sold.

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The Most Phone #'s

Expired Basic provides you up to 60% of phone numbers for expired listing leads, including cell phones. Or get the Expired Pro Upgrade and receive up to 95% of phone numbers.

Lead Management

Use our built-in lead management tools to manage, sort, search, tag, create notes, cross out numbers, export, mail merge, see street views, and more. Manage your expired leads more efficiently.

Absentee Owners

Tired of calling renters? Landvoice even finds the absentee owner information, including phone numbers, for expired, withdrawn, and canceled listing leads.

Daily Status Updates

Use Landvoice leads to make sure your leads have an accurate status for your expired listing leads. Statuses are updated whenever an expired, canceled, or withdrawn becomes active or sold.



Landvoice dominates the industry with our proprietary software to find the most accurate phone numbers, including cell phones, for your expired leads. Expired Basic will find up to 60% of phone numbers for your expired leads.


Set yourself apart from competitors by upgrading to Expired Pro to locate missing, hard-to-find contact information. By using elite databases, Expired Pro is able to find up to 95% of phone numbers, including cell phones. Say hello to getting the phone numbers your competitors can’t.

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