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[kawl] [kap cher]  | noun

  1. A unique service to offer FSBO and expired leads as a way to separate yourself from the competition.
  2. A system that automatically captures and sends you caller information from your toll-free number.

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Plus Usage*

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Toll-Free Number

You receive a toll-free phone number with unlimited extensions to use on all of your marketing material, such as flyers, website, and postcards.

Done For You

Landvoice will create a professional audio recording and listing flyer for each listing you market with Call Capture.

Instant Call Alert

You receive an instant text notification when anyone calls to learn more about a property to help you follow up at the peak of their interest.

Marketing Tracking

Use different extensions across all your properties and marketing to measure which signs/ads/flyers generate the most business for you.

*All toll-free numbers include a $0.23/min rate billed in 6 second increments (no rounding up). Note that the average incoming call nationwide is less than one minute in length. That means for every 100 hot buyer and seller leads you generate, your average monthly usage charge will only be approx. $19/month.


landvoice power dialer to list more fsbo and expired leads
Landvoice helps top producing agents list more expired and fsbo

There is a reason one of our customers said calling FSBOs with the Call Capture script is “like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Simply call and offer to send a video that explains your unique approach. Then offer to bring the professional audio recording of their home and show them how the system works.
[Video links for FSBOs, Expireds]

Once you’re in the door, the homeowners will be amazed at the power of the Call Capture service you provide them for free.

One of the best parts of Call Capture is that Landvoice does all the heavy lifting. Landvoice provides the toll-free number, professional audio recording, custom listing flyers, and the presentation emails.

All you have to do is provide the property details to Landvoice and order your signs with the toll-free number. It’s really that simple.

Now that everything is setup, you and your client will start getting leads. You will get a text message with the phone number of anyone that calls your toll-free number.

If the buyer is interested, they can push the button to schedule a showing, be transferred to the owner or the agent, or even place an offer.

If the buyer is not interested, they are now a great lead for you to turn into your next buyer client.

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