Call Capture


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Call Capture

$60 MONTH +usage*

Save with longer terms

$170 Quarterly, Save $40/yr

$330 Semi-Annually, 1 month free/yr

$600 annually, 2 months free/yr

Bundle and Save

Save up to 30% when combined 
with other subscriptions

*All toll-free numbers include a $0.23/min rate billed in 6 second increments (no rounding up). Note that the average incoming call nationwide is less than one minute in length. That means for every 100 hot buyer and seller leads you generate, your average monthly usage charge will only be approx. $19/month.

Generate significantly more buyer and seller leads with the power of Landvoice Call Capture. Receive your own toll-free number with unlimited extensions and drive more traffic through all your marketing. The multi-million dollar Landvoice Call Capture technology automatically captures every caller’s information and instantly forwards it to you via text message or email.

As soon as a caller hangs up, you are notified of:

• The caller’s phone number, call date and time

• The source (sign, flyer, mailer, online ad, etc.)

There is no hardware, no software and nothing to install. You don’t even need a phone line … it’s 100% wireless! The technology works every time, even if the caller hangs up, has caller ID blocking, or an unlisted number. Call a prospect at the height of their interest and secure them as a client. Many agents triple their income in the first 60 days.

No listings? Landvoice created over a dozen powerful “Free 24-hour Recorded Consumer Tips” for both buyers and sellers. Agents who include Consumer Tips on all of their advertising generate 400% more response to their ads from people actively looking to buy and sell homes.

Use your toll-free number on all signage and advertising, including flyers, mailers and post cards, magazines and newspapers, and on sign riders placed in front of every property listing to attract calls from potential buyers and sellers looking to find answers to their Real Estate questions.

Subscribe today to receive:

• Personal toll-free number with unlimited extensions

• Instant call notifications via test message and/or email

• Pre-recorded consumer tips

• Web interface for easy lead management

• Voicemail, automatic call forwarding, call logs and ad tracking

• Sample scripts and marketing materials

Using Call Capture, these are the types of conversations you can have with a FSBO or Expired lead.